Raj Shamani, is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and social media influencer. Recognized as one of India’s Top 5 Young Influencers and Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs, Raj has significantly impacted over 200 lives through his ventures and initiatives.

As the founder of Shamani Industries, he transformed a small business into a leading home/laundry care FMCG brand in Central India. Raj’s expertise spans negotiation, planning, marketing, and business development, showcased through 200+ speeches in 26 countries, including at TED and the United Nations. His commitment to women empowerment is evident in the ‘AUNTYPRENUER’ program, empowering 70+ housewives with low incomes.

Raj’s influence extends beyond business, as he shares valuable insights on finance, startups, and sales through his Figuring Out Academy and podcast.