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Millionaire Mind Intensive

The Millionaire Mindset Intensive (MMI) is a transformative financial education initiative led by renowned wealth coaches Thaddeus Lawrence and T. Harv Eker. It is designed to transform your approach to wealth-building techniques. This program is not just about motivation; it’s a proven way of life that has created millions of success stories worldwide over the past decade. It provides a sustainable shift in your mindset towards money, allowing you to magnetically attract financial success. Join this game-changing program to take the decisive step toward your financial freedom and embark on a transformative journey toward realizing your financial potential.

Super Speaker

Super Speaker is India’s 1st ever reality show to find the best speaker in the country, regardless of background or profession. Super Speaker provides a platform for individuals with powerful messages to showcase their public speaking skills. The competition offers an opportunity to speak alongside international speakers, win exciting prizes worth over one crore.

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India's most significant and impactful career development event, inspiring over 8000 individuals across three successful editions.

The summit focuses on building financial independence and empowering women to live a life of passion and purpose.

India's biggest summit for entrepreneurs, an opportunity dedicated to business growth and success.

This summit equips participants with the tools to launch and scale their training and coaching businesses.

This transformative summit provides invaluable insights and proven techniques to lead a successful life.

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Dr Meghana Dikshit

Brain and Performance Expert

Manisha Chopra

Makeup & Beauty Coach

Rajiv Talreja

India's MSME Business Coach

Puja Puneet

Chief Life Designer

Shiny Surendran

Sports and Preventive Nutritionist

Sawan Kapoor

Career Coach

Imran Baig

Handwriting Analysis Coach

Siddharth Rajsekar

Digital Coach

Thaddeus Lawrence

Peak Performance Coach

Harvi Shah

Fashion Business Coach

Prachi Mayekar

Transformation coach


Chinha Raheja

Personal Impact Coach

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Super Speaker

Super Speaker is India’s first ever reality show dedicated to hunt the next best Motivational Speaker in the country. The winner gets the opportunity to Partner with Success Gyan and speak at Success Gyan’s stage alongside World Class Trainers.


Inspirathon is an annual event wherein we bring 250 Speakers and inspire people for 12 hours Non – Stop through 250 Stories. The Previous edition of Inspirathon was authenticated a Record Event by the Asia & India Book of Records.

Education Meets Entertainment

Success Gyan, India’s Foremost Platform for Personal and Professional Development, and PVR Cinemas, the Nation’s Leading Multiplex Chain, officially joined hands in April 2023 to pave the way for a revolutionary endeavour, bringing world-transforming education right into the heart of every single household.

What is Success Gyan?

Success Gyan Surendran

Surendran Jayasekar - Founder

Success Stories

Growth lies when you stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone. I had always been camera shy, and this broke the pattern of me being nervous. I just realized a founders video for my new school was a cakewalk. Had Super Speaker not happened, I would never have had the courage to do this. I did Millionaire Mind Intensive, and this was a breakthrough. Super awesome. This is a pure metamorphosis.

Jaspal Bindra

Super Speaker brought me in touch with Success Gyan, and I am forever grateful for that! The professionalism with which the events are conducted and how the programs are designed is mind- blowing! The Super Speaker experience was transformational for me! It made me see myself differently! I broke so many of my mental barriers! Thank you for fueling my journey in personal development!

Pragnya “Peggy” Venigalla

Success Gyan is a name-changing of millions of lives in India. The top Success Gyan trainers have personally trained me, and it's life-changing for me. It's a transformational journey from a self-doubter housewife to a super confident coach to inspire and show path to others! Thank you, Success Gyan, and thank you, Suren Sir!

Piyali Chakraborty

Through the Millionaire Mind Intensive program, I had a phenomenal, transformative, life- changing experience with Success Gyan. Success Gyan is a world-class training institution in India! Thank you, Suren!!

Sachin Salunke

I'm immensely grateful for the Women's Growth Summit. It was inspiring and empowering and exceeded my expectations. Exceptional speakers, diverse topics, and valuable networking opportunities left a lasting impact. I am looking forward to future events and being part of this incredible community of growth-driven women.

Dr. Pallavi

Attending the Career Growth Summit was worth it. I learned a lot about areas in which I can improve. The energy was incredible. It feels good to be around people who have worked on themselves and are self- motivated to help others.

Priyanshi Goyal

I have attended multiple coaching and training sessions for different purposes since 2019. The most genuine, transformative, and value-adding sessions I experienced were with Success Gyan. Rajiv Talreja's PACE program in 2019 was an eye-opener for me in running my institution professionally. I learned a lot, met a few great souls, and am carrying high spirits towards life. It's the most intellectual and psychological high I ever had. Thank you. The country needs you.

Kiran Kumar Sidde

Super Growth Summit has been a life-changing experience for me that brought a sense of clarity to my life trajectory. I realized the path I needed to tread to reach the place I had chosen for myself. Thank you all, masters.

Shrinivas Chitradurga

Success Gyan is the best place to learn, upskill yourself, and evolve into finding and living your purpose. They organize, facilitate, and transform with the highest possible standards—a go-to place for self-development.

Cyril Prince

I attended Dr M V Priyanks' training program on holistic sound healing. It's simply an excellent experience. I learned how we can generate much power or energize our body to respond or attract what we wish. The different learnings, like Aura Healing and Chakra Healing, are so powerful. Thanks, Priyank and Success Gyan Team.

Shibani Joshi

I attended a Holistic Lifestyle Intensive session by Dr. M.V. Priyank. His style of explaining and teaching is wonderful and engaging. His knowledge of the subject is deep and insightful. I learned effective and powerful Aura, Chakra, and body-cleaning techniques. I could feel the immediate benefits, like positive vibrations and a lighter body, right after practicing the healing techniques for 2 minutes.

Arpan Panchal

It's my first experience enrolling for Goddess by Design through Success Gyan. It was a fantastic and meaningful two-day workshop, which was thought-provoking and allowed you to explore your new horizon. I appreciate Puja Puneet’s different methodologies to take us through owing, alignment, healing, and embodiment. I sincerely thank you and your team for being excellent support throughout.

Jyoti Shivanand Rao

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