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At Success Gyan, we are revolutionizing personal development and pioneering a movement towards a better world. With top-tier coaches spanning diverse fields, we equip individuals with the tools to thrive in today’s dynamic world. Our mission is to evolve into a global ecosystem of holistic learning that transforms lives. Through transformative events and seminars, we empower every individual to believe that they are greater than their reality and that their strength is greater than their fears. Since 2012, we have impacted millions of lives, we are dedicated to continuing our quest for inspiration, education, and empowerment until we win.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

- Steve Jobs

Meet the visionary brothers driving our mission forward

Surendran J

Surendran J, Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Success Gyan, started working at 18 due to a family emergency following the passing of his father. He was thrust into entrepreneurship, not as a matter of choice but out of necessity. After experiencing setbacks in business ventures, a friend encouraged him to attend a one-day event featuring Brian Tracy in Chennai on March 5, 2006. Tracy’s insights ignited a mindset shift for Surendran, and he promised to bring Tracy if he became successful. In February 2012, fulfilling the promise and organized an event with Brian Tracy for an audience of family and friends. And thus began a journey that reshaped personal development in India. He has co-authored the bestselling book “Success Recipe” with Brian Tracy, which has been translated into multiple languages.

Praveen J

Praveen J, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Success Gyan, is the driving force behind executing the organization’s vision and oversees all operational functions. With a keen focus on operational excellence, he orchestrates every aspect of Success Gyan’s functions, ensuring seamless alignment with its overarching goals. His dedication to executing strategies and optimizing processes behind the scenes drives Success Gyan’s vision and facilitates its ongoing growth and impact.

Meet our team

Courtney Henry

Product Designer

Annette Black

JS Developer

Guy Hawkins

Back-End Engineer

Theresa Webb

Customer Success

Courtney Henry

Product Designer

Annette Black

JS Developer

Our Journey

Success Gyan journey started by organizing a Brian Tracy event in Chennai.


Success Gyan hosted John Gray and Jack Canfield in India for the first time.


Disrupted the training and coaching industry by hosting the National Achiever’s conference with Robert Kiyosaki and Les Brown. Brought in the world-famous Millionaire Mind Intensive to India for the first time.


Success Gyan fulfilled the vision of taking india’s best to the world by hosting Mahatria Ra in London.


We debuted with the first Indian trainer, Rajiv Talreja, MSME business coach, who was added to the team of international trainers.


The team grew exponentially and successfully organized programmes in seven cities.


Expanded internationally with seminars across six countries. Leading digital coach Siddharth Rajsekar was the second Indian trainer to speak on Success Gyan platform. Launched one day business growth summits across India.


Hosted over 150 physical programs across 13 cities and six countries, marking significant growth.


Pandemic halted our massive expansion plans Success Gyan pivoted and for the very first time organised online webinars & summits within ten days of the lockdown. Leading coaches Puja Puneet, Sawan Kapoor, Dr Meghana Dikshit, and Thaddeus Lawrence were added to the team of Success Gyan coaches.


The first online Super Growth Summit featured 14 international coaches and garnered participation from over 40,000 individuals across 100+ cities.


Launched Super Speaker, India's biggest reality show to find the best speaker in the country. Organized multiple online growth summits and restarted physical programs.


With over 1000 webinars & summits, 2023 was the most impactful year yet. Achieved the Guinness World Record for the most photos of handwritten notes uploaded to Instagram in one hour. Hosted the second season of Super Speaker and partnered with PVR for education- meets-entertainment initiatives.


Success Gyan celebrated its twelfth anniversary by revealing a significant rebranding initiative centered on the ethos of "Until We Win" and showcasing Success Gyan's dedication to helping individuals break through limitations and make them realize their growth potential is greater than their challenges.


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