Doug Nelson


Doug Nelson is #1 Best Selling Author, International Trainer and Entrepreneur. Doug Grew up in rural Wisconsin and Minnesota without running water and wearing his sister's hand-me-downs was a catalyst to Doug's success. Losing his father suddenly at the age of 11 was another major moment that altered his life drastically. A rebel with a cause made life very interesting for Doug until he had his son, Avery.

Settling down, Doug got to work creating the life he was always meant to live. Several years and successful businesses later, he retired at the age of 34 and enjoyed a laid back life. Doug had another turning point - he was in a natural gas explosion. Six weeks in a coma and a year of rehab changed Doug's outlook on life helping to shape his current mission and purpose.

Doug has been training wealth building principals internationally since 2001. Doug realized that people needed more than simply to attend a seminar on creating Financial Freedom - they needed to understand and be TAUGHT...like we were in school. From this came his book, Catch Fire, which then spawned Catch Fire University.

Doug believes that we ALL have gifts but if we don't use them, we will loose them. Realizing he had a gift for business when, during the nine months recovering from the accident, he never ONCE worried about money. Once he realized that he was in a VERY unique position, being the ONLY one in the burn unit with only ONE worry instead of two, he decided right then to share with as many people as possible his expertise and gifts.

Doug's book, coupled with Catch Fire University, provides REAL LIFE solutions to escaping the financial prison so many have fallen into. Doug has the gift of being able to speak in a powerful, impactful manner to large groups of people- He is a world class trainer and speaker! He possesses an abundance of knowledge about business, sales, and marketing. He combines his two gifts here in Catch Fire University in an Interactive, Entertaining and Impactful way that will change your life!