Dr Denis Waitley


One of America's most respected authors, keynote lecturers and productivity consultants on high performance human achievement. 10 million audio programs sold in 14 languages, Denis Waitley is one of the most listened-to voices on personal and career success.

He is the author of 16 non-fiction books, including several international best sellers, "Seeds of Greatness," "Being the Best,"The Winner's Edge," "The Joy of Working", and "Empires of the Mind."

Denis, a pioneer in high performance human achievement, has counselled winners in every field from fortune 500 top executives and entrepreneurs to Super Bowl and Olympic Champions; from Apollo astronauts to government leaders and universities. His audio series, 'The Psychology of Winning' is the most-listened-to-program in the world on self-mastery.

Denis' mission is to help you perform at the highest levels, in both your personal and professional arena.