Exclusive LIVE Webinar by India's Leading Business Coach Rajiv Talreja


Business Progress Webinar - The Business Progress Webinar has been thoughtfully designed to help you navigate the current circumstances and ensure that your business, your team & your spirit of entrepreneurship is ONLY soaring upward NO MATTER WHAT.

This webinar is exactly what YOU need because its -


This is NOT a learn now, do later webinar 


You'll learn action steps that you can implement TODAY in your business.


This has been created specially to help you understand how you can evolve your business to suit the changing needs of your audience.

We Invite you to this FREE Webinar where you'll Learn:


3 mistakes YOU are currently making

The crisis is definitely new but the mistakes that EVERY entrepreneur is making is absolutely the same. So, it doesn't matter what 'type' of business you're into, I can guarantee that YOU are certainly making these 3 mistakes.


How to manage your team & money during this ongoing crisis?

Your teams are working remotely and there's no sign of when this will all go back to 'normal'. There is a definite shortage of funds and you're having a hard time paying salaries. But this crisis can be managed and you will learn how to evolve with the times.


Actionable steps to take to bounceback from these turbulent times

Turbulent times can't be predicted but they can be managed. And, trust me, only those who take action consistently and keep adapting with the times are the ones who will bounce back from this crisis. This webinar is NOT all talk. It is about readying yourself with the knowledge to grow out of this situation that we're all in as entrepreneurs.

Meet your Coach

Rajiv Talreja 

I'm not your Motivational Guru or even a Business Coach. So, who am I? Well, you can say that I'm an Entrepreneur's Entrepreneur.

I've been an entrepreneur for over a decade now and it's through these years that I've realised that I'm deeply passionate about working with Entrepreneurs and helping them build the business of their dreams.

Through my work, I have been able to impact over 800,000+ individuals, 150+ corporates through 1000+ training programs in 5 countries. And, I'm just getting started!

I've also written a bestselling book 'Lead or Bleed' which has sold over 10,000 copies. If you want to accelerate the performance of your business, this book is where you should get started.

I deeply believe in living an AND Life where you can work on ALL areas of your life - your health & wealth & relationships. All you need to do is plan and allocate time towards things that matter. And, to help me achieve this, I've designed a planner which helps me with EVERY area of my life. I've already sold over 4000 planners.


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