The Ultimate Happiness Guide To Appreciating The Present Moment


If you want to be the best of the best and live happily, the one major step you need to consider is to learn to appreciate the present.

You always wanted to be happy, but there are things which make you worry. You just could not stop thinking about them. But happiness does not come easy. You should have to think about following just 5 steps to create this life full of happiness and success.

If you are ready for it, then here are some tried and tested practices that will allow you to appreciate life.

Live in the present


As you read this blog, you may find your mind wandering.Typically you are thinking about more than one thing while trying to concentrate on the task in hand. These distractions would not take you anywhere.

Gently try to bring your mind back to the present. This would help in letting go of these unhelpful thoughts. Be present and be aware of what’s happening around you. This way, you will get rid of all depressing thoughts.

Learn to enjoy every moment


Savour your senses by enjoying a tasty meal rather than gulping it down, enjoy the warmth of the sun, the touch of a baby etc. Be aware of these simple moments of happiness and do not absent-mindedly miss out on these thinking about something which is not so pleasant.

Declutter your surrounding

cluttered office

One of the quick ways to get out of your negative thoughts about the past or the future is to try keeping your surrounding uncluttered. A cluttered workspace or a room can increase negativity. Taking the time to clean one area at a time helps you gain space. Try this and you will feel much better.

Take long walks

long walk

This is a time-tested method to gain a productive mind. Choose a place like a beach to calm your mind with the gentle breeze caressing your face. You can also think about just walking around your office if you have no other place to go. Just shut your mind off from the phone call that you may get, the unread emails or the important file at your desk while you are doing this exercise. You can always get back to all these later.

Take control

internal control

Many a times you feel trapped and could not get away. After all, you cannot take a recess from life. The best thing to do is to just face your problems in the present and learn as you go. Maintaining control even during the toughest of times is the need of the hour.

You know you cannot control the external environment, but you can always have internal controls by being calm and facing whatever comes on your way.


Keep in mind that you can always learn to control yourself. To be happy and enjoy the present moment, keep the internal controls in the forefront of your mind and motives.

These ways to happiness are not built by accident, they are built by strong intentions, the intention to succeed.