Ten Barriers To Becoming A Millionaire

We all wish we could be wealthy. For most of us, it's a far-off dream that someday, eventually, we might be able to turn ourselves into self-made millionaires. But the truth is, building wealth isn't about putting all your hopes into "someday." What are the barriers that come in the way of making loads of money, of becoming millionaires?

There are several – some mental, some physical, some environmental. Let us examine a few here…

1. Procrastination:

We often foolishly believe we deserve riches only “Later in life”! This causes us to get by with what we have, delaying our recognition and grabbing of opportunity coming our way! Don’t delay. You can get rich today!!

2. “It’ll happen if it has to” mentality:

Nothing is going to happen by magic. Unless you do something about making that million, you’re never going to make it! Don’t sit back hoping your destiny is in your favour. Nudge destiny to make sure things happen.

3. Not developing yourself as a resource:

It’s important to recognise your own potential as a resource. Invest in yourself. Acquire skills, get education, develop your contacts through networking…the possibilities are endless!

4. Lack of discipline:

Without discipline, it’s difficult to build wealth. In fact, it’s impossible to get rich — slowly or otherwise — if you spend more than you earn. The math just doesn’t work. Avoid compulsive spending. Create budgets and stick to them.

5. Being risk averse:

Most wealthy individuals will tell you one of their greatest keys to success has been taking calculated risks. The majority of the population sticks with the safe route, so if you want to break away from the pack, you have to try something new, possibly something uncomfortable.

6. Poverty Consciousness:

A major mental barrier to wealth creation is poverty consciousness. Some, even without making any serious effort towards prosperity, philosophically resign themselves to living in poverty. To such people "money is scarce …money is hard to get …money does not grow on trees …everybody can't be rich …there is not enough money to go round", etc. Even if you believe that somebody must remain poor for another to get rich, why should you be the poor one? There is enough for everyone!

7. Relating intelligence to wealth:

Another mental barrier is associated with Intelligence. Some believe that to be rich you must be smart and intelligent. They ascribe wealth only to smart and intelligent people. This is another fallacy. People with no more than average intelligence can become rich and successful if only they have focus, ambition, motivation, drive and the determination to succeed.

8. Thinking the rich are “special”:

Some remain poor because they see the rich as a special group who are divinely destined to be wealthy; while they see themselves as destined to be poor. Truth is, everyone has the innate potential to be, to do and to accomplish whatever they want. You are mentally defeated only when you admit so.

9. Lack of faith and desire:

Growing rich starts with your mind set — so believe and have faith that you can accumulate wealth. All of the super wealthy started with a certain amount of dreaming, hoping, planning, and desiring before they became rich. They imagined riches before they saw them in their bank accounts. So desire millions!

10. Not seeking help and specialized knowledge:

There are experts out there who can share their wealth of knowledge with you. Seek out the one appropriate for your needs, and don’t fight shy of seeking help.

The Millionaire Mind, for example, is an excellent program that has strong testimonials to prove its effectiveness and impact.

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