Start Your Business From Home And Flourish!

Many of us have wanted to start our own businesses. However, cash crunch and lack of an office space (and/or the astronomical rents) have stopped us from starting our venture. And even if some of us have access to these, we may have other constraints like looking after small children, ailing parents, health constraints, etc. which deter us from stepping out of the house regularly for long periods of time. Given these, if one can start a business from home, could anything be better? 

So here are some of the most doable and commercially viable business opportunities which one can explore from the comfort of one’s house:-


One can be a consultant in any field in which one has some expertise and/or experience. One can be a tax consultant, a medical practitioner, diet consultant, etc. sitting comfy at home! All you need is a computer and perhaps some equipment to start your business.


You will need to employ a few people for this to cook and deliver for you but other than buying a few large vessels and utensils there is not much investment in this. This business comes naturally to housewives, who spend their lives cooking and looking after the household. They are also excellent at supervision and hospitality. This also extends to gourmet items like baking, designer cakes, etc.


These days, translators are in great demand by government agencies, business, etc. as people want to reach out to the mass. If you have proficiency in multiple languages, this can be a very rewarding business idea for you. And do believe it when I say that the money is not bad and it only gets better as you build your reputation in the market.


You can either convert a small portion of your living room into a small boutique (if you have a spacious house) or you can also stock up on handloom sarees and dress material and invite people home to sell those. If your product is good and exquisite, the margins you can earn are much higher than what any other business gives you.

Child care centre:

Several working parents look for day care centres for their children, instead of leaving them at home with maids, who may not be entirely reliable. The good thing about this business is you will be busy during the day, when perhaps your family members will be out for work, and by the time they will return home, the children would have been packed home. This requires some running around children but then the little angels will also keep your moods up and high!

Web designer:

With a flurry of online retail sites, web designers are much in need. The competition is no more solely about the products, but about who displays it better and who has the best visuals of their products. Your creation impacts their business, in turn your own too!

There is no dearth of ideas when it comes to home based businesses. Pick your love and let it lead you.