7 Fun Ways To Prepare A To-Do List

Ever prepared a To-Do list and been bored by the task? Did it make you want to take a nap and procrastinate all your tasks? Preparing a To-Do list is a task in itself and a task which can be quite boring if not made interesting by endeavour.
Here are few fun ways to prepare a To-Do list.

1.Get lots of colourful peppy stationery

Most cities have some iconic stationery shops and/or wholesale markets from where you can shop for the cutest to the funniest things without needing to shell out too much money. Then write nice notes to yourself in interesting paper and colourful pens and leave them in strategic places for you to find them and accomplish them thereafter.

2.Record it on your phone

Instead of writing down the To-Do list, record it on your phone with funny voice modulation. You can add your own philosophical thoughts for the day and do some imitation acts, which could become a repository of humour for later times.

3.Write the To-Do list in the form of jingles/parodies/rap songs

In this way, you will not just make your list but also give vent to your creativity, thereby starting your day with an encouraging feeling of already accomplishing a lot.

4.Coding and Decoding

Give your regular activities codes and then camouflage the codes in between phone numbers, work reports, revenue targets and spend some time decoding them. This will be a good memory exercise and keep your grey cells ticking.

5. Weave a story

It will be great fun to weave a story around your To-Do activities and narrate it to friends and family. While they will enjoy it like a story, you can enjoy remembering the tasks and basking in their ignorance. You will also gain popularity among your peers and family members who may not give you much importance otherwise.

6. Create acronyms

Use acronyms for your tasks like you would do in school to remember the Mughal lineage or the planets in our solar system in order.

7. Make other people remember

your To-Dos for the day or week, especially children, and reward them if they remember it correctly for you and also remind you on time. This will be fun for them as well as you.