How To Gain Referrals And Grow 10X

In this world, everything is about networking and knowing people. The more people you know, the more easily you get opportunities to rise in your career. And it is a symbiotic relationship. When you seek an opportunity and someone refers you to it as a suitable candidate in a sea of suitable candidates applying for it, you have their endorsement thereby increasing your credibility. At the same time, if you manage to bag the opportunity, the person gets remunerated for reducing the search costs of the company.

Here are some effective ways to gain referrals and grow 10X in your career:-

1.Start early in life

Get to know as many people as you can. When in college, participate in all socio-cultural events/societies, hang out with people outside of your group, and stay in touch with these people. With options of social networking sites these days, this isn’t difficult anymore.

2.Create your own ‘brand’

Let people know what you enjoy doing and in what lies your aptitude. Also develop a unique style of working—may be in your approach, your way of networking, the process of ideation, your communication skills, so on and so forth. When people think of you, they should be able to associate you with some fundamental attributes.

3.Keep training yourself and taking new courses

This helps not only to keep your skill sets updated but also to network with people with common objectives and passions. It results in useful and meaningful association with other people from industry, which can help you with referrals for work.

4.Refer others

To gain referral from people, you will also have to refer others when they seek you out for an opportunity. Do not shy away from doing so. It creates goodwill for you, on which you can bank when you need referrals.

5.Keep yourself updated

Keep your social networking profiles updated especially on the relevant and popular sites like Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. However, be wary of what you share about yourself out there in a social platform. Keep your posts non-controversial and impersonal. Share knowledge and opportunities on these platforms and stories which are uplifting. Create positivity around you.

6.Meet up

Organise regular meetings and conferences with your peers from the industry. Invite eminent speakers and industry stalwarts in those. Open them up sometimes to the public. Get sponsors for the same. All these will help create a name for yourself in the industry and make people feel more confident about referring you to important assignments/projects/opportunities.

7.Don’t pester and seem needy.

Never pester anyone for referrals and/or seem needy. It creates an adverse impact on your brand image and may deter someone from referring you to an important opportunity. If someone seems uwilling to refer you to an opportunity, move on to another person or a next opportunity. Don’t be stuck up on just one thing—be dynamic and agile and learn to move on.

So go ahead and grow your career and life 10X!