4 Powerful Ways To Become An Organised Person

Several of us like to live in chaos; in fact, some of us thrive in chaos. While that may work for some individuals, it may be a challenge for others to work with such people. Being organized works in everyone’s favour—yours and others. An organized person is likely to accomplish most of his goals and targets in life as he keeps track of all his activities. He is also more likely to respect other people’s commitments and time, thereby garnering more respect and cooperation for himself. Such a person is likely to be successful, well-respected, and happy in life. However, many people consider being organized to be time-consuming and tedious.

Here are four simple and powerful ways in which a person can become an organized person, charting a steady growth path for himself in life:-

1. Maintain a diary: Maintaining a diary or a notebook is a simple yet great way to be organized. You can write down all your activities planned for a day or on a particular day and work your way towards achieving that deadline in work and/or in life. A diary helps you think through your important activities and prioritize your goals, helping you avoid fire-fighting situations. It also allows you to review your progress with respect to your goals and helps you make appropriate mid-term corrections. This reduces unnecessary stress and stress-related problems. Maintaining sticky notes/setting reminders on phones for important meetings/activities are also ways to be organized.

2. Start your day early: Just like the age-old maxim—‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise’, a person, who starts his day early and before the rush begins is likely to accomplish more in it, thereby managing to be on schedule on most days, than a person who begins his day in the middle of the peak hours. Starting your day early also ensures that you maintain a healthy work-life balance, increasing your chances of being happy.

3. Say ‘NO’ when required: Saying a ‘NO’ often helps you stay organized as you avoid filling your plate with more than you can eat at a time. It allows you to complete your ongoing and more important projects within the deadline, else not saying a ‘no’ can result in jeopardizing those ongoing tasks as well, likely leading to a highly stressful situation. 
4. Associate yourself with other organized people: Peer pressure sometimes works to our advantage. Associating with people who are themselves organized, compels you to stay organized and keeps you updated with the status of your jobs. Take tips from organized people and observe how they manage to maintain an organized life. Their success in life will motivate you to take to their path.

Try being organized, for a change, and see your life become a stellar success!