The Ultimate Guide To Breaking Barriers For Women Entrepreneurs

For long, women have been known to play second fiddle to a man when it comes to her career. Be it in the corporate world, or in a family business, it is usually seen that a woman would always tail behind a man. Is this because she is less competent than her male counterpart? Certainly not! Women, whose qualifications and skill sets are at par with the men, also often get the second preference in the choice of a leadership position. And so, the primary decision-making power almost never lies with the woman.

We have seen that having women in leadership roles only enhances the quality of work in the organization. However, changing the ways of an organization is not possible within a few months or years; it takes decades! Given that, entrepreneurship is a great career option for women to realize their full potential, taking charge of their dreams and aspirations.

Here is a list of seven reasons how women can break barriers to achieve entrepreneurial ambitions:-

1.Earn enough money in your job for a few years to be able to invest in your entrepreneurial venture on your own, without seeking help from any family member or friend, thereby avoiding being answerable to anybody else for the money invested. In case you have a professionally done business case, seek finance through a VC or bank.

2.Take professional courses and training before and after starting your venture. This can help in two ways:-

  • a. You will always be updated with your skill sets
  • b. You will be able to network with other women who too are starting out their business. Having such a network is empowering and can prove to be mutually beneficial.

3.Be clear about your objectives and milestones. Plan your business growth in phases: one-three-six-twelve-twenty four-thirty six months. Keep a track of all your investments. Do not invest all your money in the first instance. Do it in a staggered manner, according to response towards your business.

4.It is always good to do a small pilot before launching your business full-fledged. This will help you in designing realistic targets for your business.

5.Ignore detractors and people who try to demoralize you-Keep your focus on the target and always be aware of each and every action of yours in the business. Do not get emotional about it; instead, be objective and rational. Never stop believing in yourself. Remember, if you can run a family, you can run a business. Do not let small failures affect you. Persistence and patience will take you places.

6.Seek the advice and guidance of professionals-CAs, designers, software developers, etc. Pay them, even if they are friends or family, so that they take their consultancy work for you seriously.

7.Share your success with everyone- Let everyone know what you have done and how you have achieved it. Mentor others who seek your guidance. Spreading goodwill around will garner much support for your business from friends and family alike.