5 Sure-Shot Ways To Be Super Productive

Every passionate career person would want himself to be super productive. Productivity is just not gulping in numerous cups of coffee and working late in the night. Being super productive is about working smart. It is not a rocket science either. All you have to do is do the right work at the right time and get rid of the time killers.

Eliminate time killers

This includes the phone, email notifications and social media notifications. Multi tasking is also a time killer, you cannot do multiple tasks effectively. Concentrate on one task at a time. Avoid opening more than 2 tabs on your screen. This will only create distractions and all you would do is make your mind wander around all the information out there without realizing that you had wasted 2 hours in this mindless activity.

And don’t get yourself stuck in unnecessary meeting. Meeting happen when there are multiple people involved in a job. When your role in a meeting is minimal (both in terms of inputs and takeaways) , you better not commit to it.

Start immediately

The main reason behind procrastination is the hesitation to start with a particular work. The best solution is to start immediately without doubting yourself. As you are working on it, you would get into the rhythm and start solving the bottlenecks. You may also need to start the hardest task first since this is what you would put off for a long time and guilt will be difficult to handle. Finish them and you are free to do the ones, you love.

Do not work for free

Sometimes when you are hungry for work, you may accept the work that comes your way without looking at the pay. You may be paid less or nothing at all for the work you do. Though it may seem logical to take up the work at first, remember that this guy does not realize the value of your work and will never commit. You may also feel frustrated and not motivated enough to put your heart into it. Always demand the right rice for your work. When you are the best at something, put a price on it.

Follow strict deadlines

While we know the tasks to be done, we usually focus on one task for a longer time and don’t give enough time for the other. This means you are not managing your time effectively and wasting your efforts on tasks that need very little time of yours. Challenge yourself with a strict deadline for each task and stick to it religiously. You will be surprised to discover how focused and productive you have become.

Develop a routine

Routines can be quite empowering. Set aside time to exercise, read and sleep in a day. Never give up activities like these that would keep you refreshed throughout the day. Routines are work that need to be done everyday to keep you refreshed and disciplined. Finally setting up a todo list before going to bed will get you ready for the next day.

Take ten minutes to write down important tasks that you need to do every day and manage them according to the points given above. These are essential ingredients to become super productive. Share your productivity tips in the comments below.