6 Smart Things Punctual People Follow Religiously To Be On Time

Being late to appointments is habitual and we see people associating the habit with various problems like lack of control and lack of discipline. Besides, the act of coming late will be considered as being rude and disorganised. 

The person who is under question may come up with a hundred reasons for coming late but there are ways and means to avoid being late. Here are a few tips that will help you in being punctual.

Develop a desire to be on time

Don’t think about being punctual at the time of the event. Tell yourself time and again to be punctual. One of the best ways to keep the habit alive is to practise getting up as soon as your alarm rings in the morning without pressing snooze.

Why do you want to be punctual?

Come up with strong points as to why you need to be punctual. Sit down with a paper and pen and start listing it out.The more reasons you find to develop the habit of being punctual, the stronger would be your determination to become punctual.

Do a conservative calculation of time

Plan the time required for each and every task well ahead. Do not underestimate the speed in which time flies. If your calculation says that you would need an hour to reach a place add 30 more minutes to it and start 1 and a half hours ahead.

This buffer time will cover any other unexpected activities that may delay your schedule. Besides, it is always better to be earlier than being late and gathering unnecessary attention.

Keep an organizer handy

Depending on your preference you can use an organizer which is either a notebook or a mobile application with predefined templates to enter your appointments with respect to the time, venue, time taken to travel, materials to be taken along etc. This keeps you abreast of all your engagements and you would never struggle during the neck of the moment.

Track time efficiently

You might think that it might take 30 minutes for you to get ready but it might take a little longer because you forgot to iron your clothes yesterday. Again you may think that your travel time is and hour but because you have to stop for breakfast, it might have doubled up.

To avoid all these confusions, it is necessary to note down the list of tasks to be completed and also to do a careful calculation of the time taken for the task. To come up with a precise calculation, you need to make a study on your habits like how long it takes for you to iron your clothes, eat breakfast, polish your shoes etc.

Use reliable transport

Make sure that whatever form of transport you choose (especially public transport), adheres to strict time schedules. When you are dependent on your friend to take you to the venue, keep reminding him about the time of your appointment. 
Always have a back-up plan ready, when your usual mode of transport fails, immediately call up a taxi to reach earlier.

Being punctual makes you a reliable person and lets you gain respect and appreciation. What are you doing to improve your punctuality? Share your thoughts with us