How Smart Are You?

If you think working more than 40 hours a week, through weekends, through holidays makes you look good…think again. Is it about looking good or feeling good too about the work you do that matters to you. While it is a great idea to work hard, research today indicates that those who work smart stand to make more out of life. Working hard for long hours on a continuous basis is your one way ticket to a stressed life, with no time for family, friends, hobbies and any other personal development – you are literally heading for irreversible burn out. Does this seem true to you? If yes, then these 5 tips may prove to be useful for you.

Much research has been done on the advantages of working smart over the last decade. Here are five most important tips:

1.Work in energy slots

Robin Sharma the leadership guru stresses the importance of working in 90-minute slots and taking a 20-minute break after each slot. This is in rhythm with our natural attention span. Working this way will make sure that you are working in creative bursts of 90 minutes and allowing your brain to relax, unwind and bounce back into action for the next power packed 90 minutes. Installing this habit can take your productivity levels to new highs, giving you a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

2. Snooze breaks

Most of us feel an energy dip late afternoon at work. Research shows that the human body was made to work with sleep routines. The overnight one and the short afternoon nap. A power snooze helps your mind move all the information into your permanent memory – almost like writing a CD, isn’t it? When the CD is being written, the computer slows down a bit. Your focus becomes sharper after the nap, helping you achieve more in less time post lunch, helping you finish all your work in time.

3.Take a walk

Research shows that students are motivated to study and perform better when surrounded by nature. An entrepreneur is a lifelong learner and this may be a very useful tip. Whether it is brainstorming over new business ideas or discussing the next month’s agenda with your team, carry out this activity in a nearby park the next time and you may be surprised by how that one high impact idea may strike you. Nature has a way of plugging in our focus.

4.Do away with the boring routine

with your work from one café to another. This is a good way to work sometimes. Pre-plan the tasks you are going to be doing at each café. As soon as you’ve settled in, you can get started right away, without any interference or delay. Once done, move to the next café with the same pre-plan for the next set of tasks. This can be a wonderful refresher to replace your mundane work routine and work environment.

5.Check emails first thing in the morning

Counterintuitive to what most recent leadership speakers recommend, checking your mail first thing in the morning, can actually help you in adjusting your schedule for the day to fit in any new tasks that have landed in your plate, answering important mails ensures you are not slowing down your team’s workflow

Are there any other ways in which you able to work smarter? Do share your thoughts and leave us a comment.