9 Most Amazing Principles To Live An Awakened Life

She is the global leader in consciousness, an awakening facilitator, an acclaimed international speaker and the founder of Global Ascension. Meet Sidra Jafri the undisputed leader on the path of awakening. She conducts ‘The Awakening’ , ‘Earth Mastery Program’ and ‘Soul Spa’  her signature 5 day soul retreat every year all over the world and attracts thousands of men and women who wish to live a more awakened life.

She is also a medium and a life coach and guides people to transcend their limitations and live a more fulfilling life. Her gifts go above and beyond the five senses and with this she is transforming peoples’ lives by helping them clear past life issues, getting them unstuck from ancestral issues and helping them solve current life challenges by guiding them through meditative techniques and simple processes that go deep and help clear and dissolve all those emotions and baggage that keep us stuck.

Awakening Principles

Her Awakening Principles cover all aspects of our being and is a wonderful insight into how we can live a more awakened life, by being in the real world. She believes that to change the world we need to change ourselves.

The Principles of Awakening are

Ask Quality Questions

The first Principle of Awakening plays the fundamental role in all the other principles. It is based on our mind's ability to always search for the answers. By educating ourselves to ask better quality questions, it will result in a change of perspective in your life. Previously if you were asking yourself why did x, y or z happen, then it will only result in the reason as to why all those things happened. By activating this principle and changing the question to "How can move I towards the desired result?" you will notice that you open up possibilities within your own mind, rather than simply wondering why.

Work on You

By acknowledging this principle that you are always working on yourself, it will give you permission to recognise that you are not more important than others, but as important as everyone else. Activating this principle will enhance your self respect, self esteem and self care.

Awareness is the Key

Awareness is the key to all of life, this principle is the core of living an awakened life. What you know right now is creating your reality. Activating this principle will expand your knowledge about any given situation. Activating this principle will give you the ability to see life from multiple points of views.

Knowing vs. Owning

Activating this principle is the bridge between what you know and who you are

Everything is Energy

All of life is energy translated in different forms and frequencies. This principle will give you the tools to decode the labels which you recognise as emotions, activating this principle will help you understand that emotions are energies in motion.

No Judgement

Judgement gives us meaning to events that happen in our life. By activating this principle will give you a choice to use discernment and allow you to stay in neutrality when an event is challenging you.

It Takes One To See One

Life's events are like boomerangs coming back to you in shape of people, events and emotions. This principle gives you the ability to recognise your own boomerang in other people. Activating It takes One To See One empowers you to change those boomerangs you don't want back.

Nothing is Missing

There is always a divine order in chaos. This principle gives you faith to endure the events that you find challenging. By activating this principle you will find immense peace in the knowledge that the teacher is always quiet at the time of the exam.

Growth is Inevitable

A caterpillar turns into a butterfly, a rosebud turns into a rose, a seed’s destiny is to become a mighty oak tree. This is the circle of life. Human beings are no different we are here to experience evolution or growth not only spiritually but mentally, emotionally and physically. Know that as we are spiritual beings having a human experience and we cannot stay stagnant without that feeling or there being more to life rising from deep within us.

The Awakening gives you the tools to grow through the experiences of life, rather than going through them and questioning the purpose of your life.

Living an Awakened Life

As an Awakened being, you will learn that communication is the essence of life. Through communicating with those thought forms that are stuck in time and by updating those parts of us to our new consciousness, you will see present day challenges dissolve. As if by magic, that part of you that held onto that decision dissolves in the process. Living as an Awakened being you find that challenges of the past are no longer perceived as challenges and the world as a whole appears very different.

The more you embrace the tools and live as an Awakened being, the more of you becomes in alignment with who you truly are.