In Her Shoes: Part I

Understanding The Power, Potential & Prowess Of Female Leadership


Look around you, your boardroom and the decision makers in your own organization. What do you see? Armed in a button-down suit, pulled back hair and shiny shoes - men are occupying MOST of the chairs.


Have we evolved? Well, yes. However, women are still behind when it comes to leadership roles. According to a research published by PEW, only 26 women have ‘earned’ the CEO title at Fortune 500 companies till date. Shocking isn’t it? Now, let that sink in.


Firstly, let’s understand why it’s important to have women in leadership roles. Is it a quota? Is it to fill up chairs? No. Every organization must consciously encourage and ensure gender diversity in the workplace so the environment that you’re creating is an all-inclusive one. And doing this is pretty basic, in fact, it is as basic as building a profitable business. Use this as an opportunity to maximise your best resources irrespective of gender so that the company can level-up. If you have women in the workplace make sure you push them to their top-most potential. Women need women to look up to. So, allow your workplace to set examples and role models.


Productivity & Performance

Ever thought about what would happen to productivity if you had more female leaders in the organization? It would easily triple. Imagine this - you have competent women leaders and more women within the organization who are aspiring to be ‘like’ them so they’re bringing their A-game to work every day. This hustle will in turn inspire, motivate everyone at the workplace. Success requires high energy and here you’ve created an environment of the highest energy. Too simple a strategy? Well, it is.


Bridge The Gap

Women have fought hard to vote, to go to work and now they’re continuing to fight to bridge the pay gap. But even before the pay gap there’s the opportunity gap. Even today, men and women aren’t handed the same opportunities to grab & go. This requires a shift in the mindset, honestly. However, by being mindful of this as an organization you will be significantly contributing to bridging the pay gap. How? Well, equal opportunities will result in equal pay. If you elevate more women in leadership positions, you will be creating a better chance for them to get their dues. It’s a good cause to champion for!


More Voices, More Solutions

If there’s one thing that’s constant for every organization no matter the size - it is problems. Well, every organization is faced with issues on the cashflow, marketing or operational front to name a few. By having women as part of senior management you will be increasing the number & variety of the solutions. How? Diverse experiences, stories and voices will promote diverse solutions to your problems at the workplace. Difference in perspectives will certainly result in atypical solutions.


This is 2019, folks. Instead of still debating on WHY we need women as leaders in our workforce, let's think about HOW we can make it happen. And if you’re on the road to making it happen, try to minimize some of the challenges that they are plagued with.


Stay tuned for our next blog where we uncover real challenges that female leaders face.