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"The question before MMI was can I ever make a million as quickly as I want to? The answer is. "I made a million (10 Lakhs) working only on the last 4 weekends." Life after MMI has never been the same. The things we will learn from the World's best puts you in the league of becoming the best. I know this is just a beginning for greater things to come. Thanks to Suren, Success Gyan Team and Success Resources Team!"
Sharat Sharma, Author, Coach & Speaker - Founder-I Am Human Consulting

MMI has been a life changing experience for me. It's not only what was taught there that was powerful but the experience of being there led me to ask some critical questions internally about things that were holding me back on reaching my highest potential. In fact, MMI led me on a journey of self discovery and self mastery over a year and today am intentionally living a life full of purpose, passion and significance. One of the best decisions of my life was attending the MMI!.
Nidhika Bahl, Creative Director - Parallel Circles Entertainment

MMI has been a life changer for me personally. Professionally it has had a pro-found impact in the way I operate my business now. An invaluable program wherein you can’t really put a value figure on it. It’s a must-go program without a doubt for entrepreneurs to-be, struggling business owners, couples with financial challenges, teenagers, corporate senior management employees, deans of colleges /universities and principals of schools. I have attended many seminars over the years however this is where my perspective changed 360 degrees. I can proudly say that I am willing to pay the price again and again for this one seminar as part of my continuous education. Value for mind and money. A seminar that takes you to a whole new level of experiential learning and 100% full on energy throughout the event. I was blown off by this simple phrase, “How you do anything is how you do everything”. It’s Impactful and Brilliant! The course material was top notch. The context or rather the way it was executed by Success Gyan was fantastic! It couldn’t have been conducted better than Success Gyan, Simply Outstanding! SG has clearly understood what India lacks, what it needs and have aligned it so well to bring such a remarkable program to India. Kudos and keep up the great work!
Robert Dourado, Co-Founder - SOIDEMER - Brand Consulting & Creative Communications

It is always the simple things/ events that change our lives. And these things /events never happen when you are looking for them to happen. Life will reveal answers at the pace life wishes to do so. The answer is definitely MMI Event. This event was the solution in every area of my life - Career & Business, Health & Body, Love, Family & Relationships, Wealth, Money and Abundance, Creative pursuits and Quality of Life. The only thing that is ultimately real about my journey is the step that I took - MMI Event. MMI program has been designed to assist each one of us in reprogramming ourselves for success and I strongly recommend this program for every individual. I thank Mr. Suren and his Success Gyan team for the wonderful life changing event. I pray to the Universe that Success Gyan team will reach to more and more people
Kalpana Muralidhar, Founder & Director - Heritage Academy

I have digested the book “Secrets of the Millionaire mind”. So just jumped to attend the priceless program “Millionaire Mind Intensive”. The course has changed my life and now I am doing things way beyond my comfort zone. MMI is a must attend for each individual on this planet. Thank you Success Gyan for getting best trainers in India through MMI.
Sudhir Khot, Managing Director - Kaijing Agro Services Pvt Limited

My wife, Radha and myself were amazed to hear,listen,understand and internalize the mind set of a millionaires during the most powerful program ever attended, " The Millionaire Mind Intensive". Having come from a middle class family we had wrong wiring and I must say, MMI helped us rewire. The program was a gift to both of us as we were celebrating our wedding anniversary during the event. I am not here to recommend the program, however I would bet you need to be lucky to be there for MMI.
Suresh Babu S, Performance Coach - One Life Academy

When I saw the MMI poster on FB I just latched on to the opportunity immediately.3 absolutely amazing life changing days. The team just rocked my belief. We laughed, we danced, we cried but above all we decided to change for better. I Changed my money blueprint, changed my perspective to the brighter side of the financial world. The activities and exercises really stretched me to break through all my inhibitions towards money. I must thank success Gyan and success resources for bringing the best speakers to India.
Vivekanand, Trainer/Coach

The MMI is a very powerful and a life transforming training program. The content, delivery of the program is very practical, doable and impactful. It is absolutely “value of money” experience and I would recommend every individual above the age of 18year to do the program at-least one.
Arunagiri Mudaliar, International sportsman, Author, world classTrainer - Successful Industrialist

NAC happened to me just at the right time. The knowledge i gained from the speakers of NAC enriched me professionally as well as initiated me on my path of self discovery and self development. What a brilliant journey it has been ever since! Ever grateful to Success Gyan and Success Resources for bringing world class speakers and trainers to us
Chinha Raheja, Founder - The Image Manager

I absolutely enjoy the seminar and think that anyone who has not attended this should do so. I've had so many takeaways that I can immediately implement that I know will change my life in a phenomenal way.
Aryan Rajesh, Branding Coach

Very generous in the nuggets of knowledge shared. I'll definitely take baby steps and start putting what I've learned into practice. Without doubt, I'll be back for more.
Leena Munot, Co Founder - The Giving Tree

Great content, huge value, very useful program for my business and life. Awesome!
Thiyagarajan V ,Managing Director - India Home Health Care

Success Gyan and Success Resources has provided the best education platform for individuals to excel.
Aashish Rego, Music Producer / Online Entrepreneur

Words can't express it. Life changing event. This should have been taught in schools!
Rajiv Talreja, Founder - Quantum Leap Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd

The program was really excellent indeed. Very well organized and delivered. The methodology was quite interactive/participative. The handout material was very useful and attractive. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity. Looking for more such useful programs.
Dr.Bala, CEO, Vision Unlimited

I would like to thank Success Gyan for a wonderful day and real eye opener of what can be achieved. Honestly, I have attended very few such programs, but this one blew me off. Blair Singer is incredible... though pretty short one can take a whole lot out of today...
Sanjay Gulvady, Managing Partner - INDIGO

The program was awesome and very informative. Reminded myself with a lot of points which we forget due to our daily work. Overall the program was very good. We wish we could have more such programs and we continue to learn all the time.
Kavya, Frontenders

Having headed hard core business for over 3 years, I could really appreciate the value of the lessons I have taken home today. Certainly, after going through the program, I realize that the contents of this program, is like presenting in a nutshell, 'everything' of sales/business to the participant in a shortest possible time. And only at the end of the course did I realize that I already had the need to attend this course; until such time, I neither knew the need existed, nor the place to approach for a solution, the significance of the course and the impact it could have on my business - thanks to Success Gyan on that context. I wish this will reach to more and more people who are in the need.  
Gowtham Balaji, CEO - Health & Organics